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Summer Fringe Tour

Kansas City Fringe Festival - July 21-29 - Breakneck Romeo & Juliet

* Minnesota Fringe Festival - August 4-12 - Breakneck Midsummer Night's Dream

• Indy Fringe - August 17-27- Breakneck Romeo & Juliet

• "This is as good and quick a crash course as any." (Elizabeth Maupin, Orlando Sentinel)

• “You de-mystified Shakespeare in a mere 90 minutes.” (Tony Osborne, Gonzaga U.)

• “My 15 year-old son considers your books and videos his secret weapon.” (Mendee Rock, Atlanta, GA)

• “His expansiveness of language, use of structure, and sideways entries to the language of Shakespeare’s characters make his monologues so clear and precise.” (Heather Parish, King’s River ”

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