Coaching - From My House to Yours

With in-person rehearsals and coaching now pretty much impossible, it seems we’re ALL working on one-person shows now! So I’m going to put some of those ninja solo skills to good use!

I’ve been coaching Shakespeare performers for over twenty years, and performing my one-man show, “Lot o’ Shakespeare” for the last ten. Here are just a few of the responses I've picked up. MooneyTimh2• “This is as good and quick a crash course as any.” (Elizabeth Maupin, Orlando Sentinel)

• “You de-mystified Shakespeare in a mere 90 minutes.” (Tony Osborne, Gonzaga U.)

• “My 15 year-old son considers your books and videos his secret weapon.” (Mendee Rock, Atlanta, GA)

• “His expansiveness of language, use of structure, and sideways entries to the language of Shakespeare’s characters make his monologues so clear and precise.” (Heather Parish, King’s River Life)

So, here’s our new adventure: I’m offering COACHING, from my home to yours (…or to your students and classes)! While my in-person session fees have previously been $300 (plus lodging), connecting electronically saves us both time and money!


You or your students simply go to my on-line calendar at and find an open slot (30, 60 or 90 minutes)! Submit your name, character and speech(es). You’ll receive a confirmation with a link to the Zoom session.


Work up your Shakespeare/Moliere/Whatever monologue, as good as you can get it! Meanwhile, I’ll remind myself of that character and scene in advance of our work together.


When your appointment arrives, just click on the link for your Zoom session! (You’ll want to call in about 5-7 minutes in advance so that we can make sure the technology is working.) I work with you to make it awesome.

FOR THIS VERY FIRST MONTH (through April 2020, as I work through the bugs in the tech):

The fee is “Pay What You Will!” (seriously… you decide.)


I’ll be establishing an extremely low rate… $30 for a half hour / $50 for an hour / $75 for 90 minutes!” (90 minutes recommended for work on an hour-long 1-person play)

If you are calling in as a class group, the rate is $100 for an hour. (We should be able to work through 6-9 speeches in a single hour.)

Payment for the session can be made via Pay Pal or Google Wallet. (at

Prices will nudge up in future months, so take advantage of me now!

See you on the internets!